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What can I expect?

Booking Process

You will receive an email with 

Booking Process

I’ll email you the booking options and a copy of the products guide (with a breakdown for every option), so you can see what will suit your family best.

Once we’ve agreed a date and time that’s convenient for your family, I’ll send you the relevant booking link. The online booking process is quick and simple, and confirms your booking. You can make your payment by credit / debit card or by bank transfer, it’s entirely up to you.


I’ll send you an information gathering form, to collate your priorities and what you’d like from your photographs. This gives us a great starting point for discussing your session, and how to make the most of it.

We’ll schedule a time for a chat to run through your session, and what to have to hand; with christenings, we’ll run through your plans for the day and discuss any particular issues with the church or venue.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

It’s really helpful for me to get a sense of what you’re looking for from your photographs, so I can create images for you that you really love.

I’ll also send you a set of suggestions for what to wear, and some more detailed pointers.

Your Portrait Session

I’m a mum myself, and very experienced with helping little ones (and grown ups!) to relax and be themselves.


How do we choose a date and time?

Sessions can be held anytime throughout the week. Just let us know when suits you and your family and we will do our best to accommodate. If the session includes children, it is best to choose an hour that wont interfere with their sleep or feeding schedule. 10am tends to be the best for little ones as they are at their best in the morning.

For newborns, we know how difficult it can be to calculate when to book your session as babies rarely arrive on time. We recommend booking based on your little ones due date.

Early arrivals, see how you feel at the time and if you think your baby seems calm and happy we can move the booked date forward. If however, you feel like you baby could do well to wait, we can keep the date already scheduled. 

Late arrivals, it may be a good idea to have the session around the 7 day mark (rather than the usual 7 -10 days) as your baby is a little more developed and may have their growth spurt sooner. 


Where will my session take place?

Portraits can be taken at home or outdoors, or a mixture of the two. During our initial consultation we'll discuss what you'd like from the photographs, and that will guide our session. A great place to start is somewhere that is meaningful.

Newborns will typically be spent at home, but we can also meet outdoors if you are more comfortable.

Corporate sessions can be held either in the office or outdoors but this will depend on your session goals (which will be discussed in the initial consultation).


How many images will I receive?

We will provide you with ALL images captured throughout the session, edited via Drop box. You can also opt to have them provided on a USB for a small fee. 

As we provide your images digitally, it allows us to save on the print fee. Those savings can then be passed down to our customers  


When is the best time for my newborn to be photographed?

For newborns, we typically recommend 7- 10days after birth (while they are still tiny) or at the six week milestone (still small, but starting to engage and smile).

With Siblings, it is worth waiting until the 6 week milestone as it gives the children an opportunity to bond.  Baby cuddles will be more freely given!

For newborns born late, it is best to book the session around 7 days old.


Will my newborn portraits be posed?

We have a much more natural approach to all our photographs. We like to take our photos showing your family more organically. This gives you time to enjoy your new bundle of joy with photographs which are much more enjoyable for you and your baby. 


Will you use my photos on your website/social media?

Yes, we love featuring our photoshoots on our website and social media channels. If you rather not be featured, please let us know that you do not want to have your work shared.